Property Tax Division

Our Mission

The mission of the Property Tax Division is to support, train, and guide local governmental agencies in the uniform assessment, valuation and taxation of locally assessed property; assess, value and allocate public utility property; as well as to administer, collect and distribute designated taxes in accordance with Wyoming Statutes and Rules for the benefit of Wyoming taxpayers and citizens.

Basic Organization

The Property Tax Division is comprised of two primary functions:

The Appraisal Services Group is responsible for assessment and valuation of all pipelines, railroads, airlines, public and private utilities, telecommunication and private rail car companies; provision of education, training and assistance to 23 County Assessors, and monitoring of local assessment work practices, along with the publishing of agricultural productivity valuations.

The Technical Services Group is responsible for maintenance of the state-provided mass appraisal database deployed in the 23 counties; Geographical Information System (GIS) maintenance and support; maintenance of state-wide tax district maps; analysis of agricultural land classes and publishing of productivity valuations in conjunction with Appraisal Services Group.

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