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Current Wyoming Property Tax Relief/Credit/Deferral Programs

The State of Wyoming currently has three property tax relief/credit/deferral programs available.  Interested applicants should contact the agency or contact person listed below for specific information and eligibility questions. Program availability, funding, and qualifications are subject to change. 

For more information regarding all of the current property tax relief/credit/deferral programs, see the linked file below.

Property Tax Deferral Program

Veteran's Property Tax Exemption Program

Property Tax Refund Program

Property Tax Relief


The Wyoming Veteran's Exemption Program is administered by the local county assessor.  The Department provides guidance and supporting materials to help the assessor determine a veteran's qualification under the program.  As part of this process, the Department has provided, below, a memorandum containing the qualifying medals and events used in the program.  Veterans who have issues with the correct qualifying medals/time periods appearing on their DD Form 214, may contact the Wyoming Veteran’s Commission at 800-833-5987 for assistance.  Also, a Veteran's Administration Verification Form has been provided below for the veteran seeking assistance in providing proof of a service related disability.

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Veterans Administration Verification Form 

Veterans Exemption Claim Form 

Veterans Exemption Qualifying Medals