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Current Wyoming Property Tax Relief/Credit/Deferral Programs

The State of Wyoming currently has three property tax relief/credit/deferral programs available. Interested applicants should contact the agency or contact person listed below for specific information and eligibility questions. Program availability, funding, and qualifications are subject to change.

For more information regarding all of the current property tax relief/credit/deferral programs, see the linked file below.

Property Tax Deferral Program

  • Administered By: County Assessor, County Treasurer

  • Where to Apply: County Assessor’s office. NOTE: This program is authorized at county option. Currently, only Teton County authorizes the program for residents of Teton County.

  • Application Form: Available at participating County Assessor’s offices.

  • Application Deadline: November 10th of the year taxes are levied.

  • Eligibility Requirements: Principal residence on a parcel of land of less than 40 acres. Owner must have limited income, be over 62 years old or handicapped (as determined by Social Security Administration), and have purchased property 10 years prior to applying for deferral of taxes.

  • General Description of Program: A program to defer (not refund or credit) property taxes on a qualifying residence. Interest does accrue on deferred taxes.

  • Amount of Refund: Up to ½ of property taxes on a qualifying principal residence.

  • Statutory Authorization: W.S. 39-13-107(b)(iii)

  • Rule Citation: Promulgated by County Commissioners

  • Contact Information: County Assessor.

  • Funding Source: County general fund.

  • Additional Information: Taxpayer must file an annual affidavit indicating any significant change in financial status.

Veteran's Property Tax Exemption Program

  • Administered By: Local County Assessor, County Treasurer

  • Where to Apply: Local County Assessor

  • Application Form: Available at local County Assessor’s and/or County Treasurer’s office, and under the Tax Relief tab, Veterans section on this website.

  • Application Deadline: Fourth Monday in May for property tax exemption.

  • Eligibility Requirements: Honorably discharged veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or honorably discharged veteran who was awarded the armed forcesexpeditionary medal or other authorized service or campaign medal indicating service for the United States in any armed conflict in a foreign country (Qualified Medals); surviving spouses of qualifying veterans; certain disabled veterans may be eligible for the exemption. See Statutes and Rules for more information.

  • General Description of Program: Property tax exemption available to a qualifying combat veteran or his/her surviving spouse.

  • Amount of Refund: $3000 in assessed value against real – personal property. A surviving spouse may continue to collect the benefit until he or she remarries. Must be a current Wyoming resident and must have lived in the state for three years. Exemption may be applied to the property tax of primary residence or motor vehicle registration.

  • Statutory Authorization: W.S. 39-13-105

  • Rule Citation: Chapter 14 – Section 17, Department of Revenue Rules

  • Contact Information: Local County Assessor

  • Funding Source: State general fund.

  • Additional Information: Veteran or Surviving spouse must contact assessor annually.

Property Tax Refund Program

  • Administered By: Department of Revenue

  • Where to Apply: County Treasurer’s office or Department of Revenue

  • Application Form: Application available at County Treasurer’s office or from the Department of Revenue website.

  • Application Deadline: First Monday in June.

  • Eligibility Requirements: Property tax paid timely; household income less than the greater of 3/4 of the county or state median household income; household assets other than your house, a car for each adult household member, and IRA and other pension funds worth less than $133,651 per adult household member; resident of Wyoming for past 5 years. For additional information, please see the application form.

  • General Description of Program: Property tax refund program for eligible residential taxpayers.

  • Amount of Refund: Up to one-half of the median residential property tax amount or one-half of the property tax bill, whichever is less.

  • Statutory Authorization: W.S. 39-3-109(c)(v)

  • Rule Citation: Chapter 19, Department of Revenue Rules

  • Contact Information: Local County Treasurer; or Property Tax Refund Program, Wyoming Department of Revenue (307-777- 7320)

  • Property Tax Refund Website

  • Funding Source: State general fund.

  • Additional Information: Annual application required.

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The Wyoming Veteran's Exemption Program is administered by the local county assessor. The Department provides guidance and supporting materials to help the assessor determine a veteran's qualification under the program. As part of this process, the Department has provided, below, a memorandum containing the qualifying medals and events used in the program. Veterans who have issues with the correct qualifying medals/time periods appearing on their DD Form 214, may contact the Wyoming Veteran’s Commission at 800-833-5987 for assistance. Also, a Veteran's Administration Verification Form has been provided below for the veteran seeking assistance in providing proof of a service related disability.

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Veterans Administration Verification Form

Veterans Exemption Claim Form

Veterans Exemption Qualifying Medals